Payment Policy
Payment in full is due at the end of each session. If not paid in full after 30 days, the master recordings become property of GB Audio. GB Audio may require a deposit to book studio time. No files or audio will be released to a client with an outstanding bill. Accepted forms of payment include checks, money orders or cash.
Cancellation Policy
Please contact us at least 48 hours before your scheduled recording session to cancel or reschedule or you will be charged for half of your scheduled time.
Master Backup
Masters will be stored for 30 days after the completion of your project. After that point they will be erased. It is the client’s responsibility to back up the master. GB Audio can back up to hard drive or DVD for a service charge.We highly recommend that you bring an additional hard drive to your sessions to maintain an off-site backup for your files.
Load in/set up time before the start of studio time may be available free of charge. Please contact us in advance.
Copyright Policy
GB Audio follows intellectual property protocol. Do not steal music. It is the client’s responsibility to honor all copyright laws and secure all necessary mechanical licenses.
Website Privacy Policy
No personal information will be passed on to any third party. Any information provided by you will be used to complete the services agreed upon by both parties and will not be redistributed, sold or used for any other purpose without your permission.
Your music is yours. Please take all music, lyrics and charts with you. We will not be held responsible for lost or misplaced items.
With advance notice and availability we can accommodate specific additional equipment requirements. Call for rates.
GB Audio makes no warranties either express or implied other than those contained herein. GB Audio shall not be liable for unforeseen of consequential damages of any kind. Should GB Audio 
be unable to conduct a booked session for any reason, then it shall re-book such canceled booking at a mutually available time.
GB Audio’s liability with
 respect to “downtime” of any and all studio sessions as a result from equipment malfunction
 or availability, personnel, hired musicians, acts of nature or public utility companies, etc., shall 
be limited solely to the studio time of such booked session; and client(s) agree to hold
 GB Audio harmless from any and all damages from such “downtime”.