Over 25 years of production experience, state of the art equipment and a strong commitment to artistic vision combine to make GB Audio an ideal facility for the production of a wide variety of projects, large or small. Reasonable rates and efficiency of operation make our services accessible to many musicians and many budgets.
Our studio features cutting edge software, numerous plug-ins and a comprehensive selection of outboard equipment for recording, editing, mixing and mastering. An extensive collection of musical instruments, synthesizers and sound modules are available for production and arrangement.
Our studio facilities are able to produce a diverse assortment of projects from hard rock to classical, from full band to solo artist, from demos to release-ready albums. Most importantly, GB Audio provides the critical engineering and production experience  necessary to truly realize the artist’s creative potential.


Other Studio Services:

CD Duplication
From one copy to thousands, high quality and great turn-around times.
Graphic Design
In-house graphic designer with over 12 years of professional experience.
Arrangements, Songwriting, Studio Musician Services
Turn a song idea into a professional arrangement with outstanding musicians.
Production Services, Session Planning, Artist Development
Make the difference between a good song and a radio-friendly masterpiece.
Film/Video Soundtracks, Commercials, Jingles, Web Audio
Ambient or tailored to the action.
Forensic Audio Restoration
Enhance audio quality and intelligibility and remove hiss and crackles.
Digital Archival / File Transfers
Vinyl, Analog Tape, DAT, ADAT to CD or digital files
Dance Routine Editing
For professional quality dance, cheer, skating and gymnastic recitals.


Studio Dimensions:

Control Room 22’ x 11’
Studio 23’ x 15’
Isolation Booth 7’ x 5’ (Other Isolation Booths Available)



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